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My name is Brett Halderson and I am a PADI Certified SCUBA Instructor. I am currently rated as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Click on the "About Me" link to find out more about me.

This web site is designed to assist new people getting into the sport of SCUBA Diving and help existing divers with information and continuing education.

If you would like to learn to SCUBA Dive, click on the "Learn to Dive" link. Here I give you some background information on getting your SCUBA certification. The "Classes" link has a list of other SCUBA related courses that I teach to help a diver become a better, more experienced, diver.

You can click on the "Contact Me" link to call or Email me with questions about SCUBA or to begin/continue your SCUBA certification.


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If you are interested in a class and you don't see it scheduled, just go to the Contact Me page and let me know what class you would like to take.

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