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Here are some pictures, videos and information from some of the diving that we have been doing.

September 2012 - Discover Scuba Diving at the Brillion Community Center.
Lauren is a natural at scuba diving. We easily were able to make it down to the deep end of the pool. She was doing so well that we started working on some of the skills that are done during the confined water dives.

August 2012 - Troop 81 down at Pearl Lake, Beloit. We had six boy scouts and three parents complete their scuba certifications. Five of the boy scouts also earned their BSA Scuba Diving Merit Badge. It was a busy weekend but a fantastic time with great diving conditions. Congratulations to Troop 81.
July 2012 - Dave and Brad up at Fortune Pond finishing up their Tec 45 Open Water dives.
Chris and I headed up to Fortune Pond in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where the visibility is always clear and the water is always cold (at least every time that I've been there). The temp was a brisk 42 degrees and the visibility was around 80 feet. I did a few deep dives and Chris was along to test out his new drysuit and practice with his underwater camera.
April 2012 - We did another Discover Scuba at the Brillion Community Center. We had four people in our group and everyone had a good time. We began by watching the training video. Later, we put on the gear and practiced scuba diving in the pool. Here is a picture of Grace.
Here are pictures of Tomas and Navarre.

Palau 2012 - In February the Diver's Realm group went to Palau. We had great weather and seven beautiful days of diving. Unfortunately, my camera strobe died after the second day of diving. Here are the pictures that I got from the first few days. It was a fantastic trip and Palau is a true pacific paradise. Click HERE to see more pictures.
March 2012 - We did a Discover Scuba at the Brillion Community Center. We had five participants that learned a little about scuba and then jumped in the pool to practice with the gear and have some fun. To the left is a picture of Joy.
Also participating were Mike with his son Matt, and Tom with his daughter Moriah. Everyone did well.

February 2012 - We had five guys attend the CPR/First Aid class. Everyone did well during the class and the four local divers came out to the pool to do some rescue drills.

Here Christopher is giving rescue breaths to Jeffrey as he brings him to shore.
Dean and Andy did their rescue scenarios wearing full face masks. Here Dean is preparing to get Andy to the surface.
In this picture, Jeffrey is bringing Christopher to the surface after being given the scenario that Christopher is unconscious at the bottom of the pool. Once at the surface, he provided rescue breaths and towed him to the side of the pool.
Corey and me doing a safety stop after diving at Ginnie Springs. We were down over 90 feet and went over 800 feet into the cave. This was a great training dive during our intro to cave training through IANTD.
Me, Bud and Brad (left to right) out at Lake Wazee, Wisconsin. Brad finished up his Deep Diver Specialty and Bud came out to dive with us. Summer 2011.

Video of Bud, Brad and me swimming through the Sherwood Forest area of Lake Wazee. (click image to play)


Video of Brad, Bud and me diving the Cabin Cruiser up at Lake Wazee. (click image to play)


Jamal and me at Fortune Pond, Crystal Falls, Michigan at 80 feet looking at a fake skull that someone left for divers to look at. Jamal completed his Deep Diver Specialty. Summer 2011.

Here is a video of Chris during our Search and Recovery Specialty class during the summer of 2011. We moved the rowboat earlier and this video shows us bringing over the cinder blocks.


Dave completing his first adventure dive towards his Advanced Open Water Certification. Long Lake, Waushara County Summer 2011.
Peak Performance Buoyancy dives at Redgranite Quarry with Sharon and Al. Summer 2010.
The first Open Water Certification that I issued.- Brittany at Redgranite Quarry, 2010
Diving with Bull Sharks in Jupiter, Florida. Spring 2010.



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