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Helpful Information


Helpful Information

Here is some helpful information regarding common scuba questions.

Q: How do I avoid muscle cramps?

A: Muscle cramps, especially in the legs, can be common in scuba diving. First, learn how to relieve these cramps by grabbing your fin tip and straightening your leg. Second, keep yourself hydrated and keep your potassium levels up. I like to drink water/fluids before a dive and eat a banana the morning of a dive and the night before the dive.

Q: How do I avoid getting sea sick?

A: Some people are naturally immune to sea sickness. Some common ways to avoid sea sickness is to not eat a greasy meal before a dive, breathe fresh air (not exhaust), focus your gaze on the horizon and stay hydrated. You can take motion sickness pills. These tend to make me overly tired. I like to take ginger to calm down my stomach. Grocery stores will carry crystallized ginger in the spices area. Natural food stores carry a variety of ginger products such as gum and candy. There is also a pressure point on the inside of your arm just above your wrist. I don't know if this is scientifically proven but if it works for you, use it.


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