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Wreck Diver Specialty

Class Description: Shipwrecks are often a highlight of scuba diving trips. The Wreck Diver Specialty gives you extra training in how to avoid potential hazards, and considerations and techniques for entering intact wrecks.

About the Class: You begin by going through the Wreck Diver Specialty Manual and completing the Knowledge Reviews. We have a classroom session to discuss the Knowledge Reviews and discuss/practice different techniques involved in diving a wreck. We then do four wreck dives. This is often done on a trip to Munising, Upper Michigan on wrecks in Lake Superior.

What You Can Do: You will be more aware of potential hazards involving wrecks. You will be able to use safety equipment and do limited penetration into a wreck.

Prerequisites: You must be at least 15 years old and an Adventure Diver (typically Advanced Open Water Diver) or higher. The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty is a good specialty to have before entering silty wrecks.

Equipment: A line reel is needed for safely entering a wreck with a line. There is often reduced light and you should have at least one primary flashlight and one backup flashlight.

Costs: Info coming soon.

What's Next: Take a dive trip to local or distant wrecks. The Wreck Diver Specialty applies towards your Master Scuba Diver rating.

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