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Tec 50 Training

Class Description: Tec 50 training builds on your Tec 45 certification. Tec 50 increases the depth you can go and allows you to use a second cylinder of enriched air gas to accelerate your decompression.

About the Class: You begin by reviewing the Tec Deep Diver Manual and completing the Tec 50 Knowledge Developments. There is one pool dive and three open water dives, where you practice skills associated with the Tec/Rec program. You complete the Tec 50 Diver Exam prior to completing the course.

What You Can Do: Your depth limit is 165 feet. You are allowed to make longer dives beyond the no-decompression limit. You can use two cylinders of gas with up to 100% Oxygen to add conservatism to your decompression or accelerate your decompression.

Prerequisites: Be certified as a Tec 45 diver. Must be 18 years old, have 100 logged dives (20 deeper than 60 feet using EANx, at least 15 deeper than 100 feet).

Equipment: You will use a full technical diving rig.

Costs: $285

What's Next: Once you have completed your Tec 50 training, you can continue with Trimix 65.

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