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Self-Reliant Diver Specialty

Class Description: The Self-Reliant Diver Specialty course is an introduction to self-reliant diving that helps student divers develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to rely on themselves first, whether or not they are diving with a partner. This course covers when diving alone may be applicable, and the need to compensate for those situations, including dive planning, life support system readiness, adaptive training, equipment and responsibility.

About the Class: We have a classroom session to discuss many of the aspects related to self-reliant diving. There is emphasis placed on dive planning, redundant life support systems, proper equipment and self rescue. You complete the Knowledge Review and we discuss it. There are three open water dives required for this specialty.

What You Can Do: You will be aware of the benefits of the buddy system and be able to determine those situations when diving alone may be applicable. When diving alone, you should do proper planning, choose applicable gear and assume the proper mindset to make you better prepared in the event of a malfunction or emergency.

Prerequisites: You must be certified as an Advanced Open Water diver or above. You must have a minimum of 100 logged dives and be at least 18 years old. You have to be able to complete a dive skills assessment.

Equipment: You need to have a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB) or lift bag with at least 100 feet of line. You must have a redundant gas source, such as: pony cylinder, twin cylinders with isolation valve or sidemount configuration. A redundant depth gauge and bottom timer, or dive computer is required. You also need a backup surface signaling device (both visual and audible). A knife/cutting tool and, slate and pencil are needed. A back-up mask is recommended.

Costs: $195

What's Next: This is a good specialty for those divers wishing to become Divemasters. It is also a good specialty for people interested in underwater photography and videography.

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