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Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) Specialty

Class Description: The PPB Specialty increases your ability to remain neutrally buoyant, trim your weights and streamline your equipment. You will be a more efficient diver that moves with less effort and is more gentle on the underwater environment.

About the Class: You go through the PPB Manual and do the knowledge reviews. We have a classroom session to go over the knowledge reviews and watch a video. When we can schedule a pool, we do a pool session to work on buoyancy skills and do an obstacle course under water. We then do two Open Water dives where you demonstrate the skills you learned.

What You Can Do: You will be able to move through the water with less effort, saving energy and making your air supply last longer. On dive trips, you will be a safer diver for the underwater environment.

Prerequisites: You just need to be 10+ years old and a Junior or Open Water Diver.

Equipment: There is no additional required equipment, although you may choose to pick up some retractors or straps to help keep your equipment streamlined.

Costs: $125

What's Next: This specialty can count towards your Master Scuba Diver Rating. It is also a good course for all divers, especially Divemasters, who are an example for newer divers.

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