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Open Water Diver Course

Class Description: The Open Water Diver Course gets you certified to scuba dive.

About the Class: The class is made up of three sections.
1) Knowledge Development - You do this prior to class by working through the Open Water Manual or doing Online eLearning.
2) Confined Water Dives - You learn basic scuba skills at a local pool.
3) Open Water Dives - You review your skills and begin to explore.

What You Can Do: You will earn a PADI certification card. PADI is the most recognized name in recreational scuba training in the world. You will be able to buy or rent gear, get scuba tank air fills and dive down to 60 ft. depth. You can also get a college credit.

Prerequisites: You must be at least 10 years of age.

Equipment: All the equipment you will need for your confined water (pool) dives is included in the cost of the course. Scuba equipment for your Open Water dives can be rented from the dive shop if you do not own your own gear.

Costs: Info coming soon.

What's Next: I recommend two classes for everyone that gets their Open Water certification. The Advanced Open Water Course (AOW) is a great way to expand your diving experience. You increase your maximum depth limits and get more comfortable with diving, while working under the supervision of an instructor. The Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPB) Specialty helps you perfect your buoyancy, your trim in the water and streamline your gear. It makes you a more efficient diver and safer for the underwater environment.

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