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Deep Diver Specialty

Class Description: The Deep Diver Specialty teaches you how to safely plan and make dives as deep as 130 feet.

About the Class: The course consists of completing knowledge reviews after reviewing the Deep Diver Manual. There is a video to watch and we discuss aspects of deep diving during a classroom session. You are then required to make four deep dives, during which you will complete tasks to measure narcosis and assess your ability to function at deeper depths.

What You Can Do: There are many quality ship wrecks that are in the 60 to 130 foot depth range. Completing the Deep Diver Specialty makes you better trained in planning and doing these deeper dives. Your experience will be appreciated by your dive buddies and dive operators will be more comfortable diving with a person that has completed this specialty.

Prerequisites: At least 15 years old and an Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water certified.

Equipment: There is a benefit to having a dive computer during deep diving. It is often darker at depth in the local lakes and quarries so you will want to have a primary and backup flashlight.

Costs: Info coming soon.

What's Next: Completing this course gets you closer to your Master Scuba Diver rating.

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