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Advanced Open Water (AOW) Course

Class Description: The AOW course helps you increase your diving confidence and underwater skills while under the supervision of an instructor. It is a great course to take and can be done right after obtaining your Open Water certification.

About the Class:This course consists of five adventure dives. Two of the dives that have to be included are Deep (a dive deeper than 60') and Underwater Navigation (using a compass to navigate underwater). We then select three other adventure dives that will increase your confidence and skills underwater.

What You Can Do: Completing your AOW course allows you to dive as deep as 100 to 130 feet depending on your experience.

Prerequisites: You must be certified as an Open Water Diver and be at least 12 years old.

Equipment: The equipment that you need will be dependent on the type of dives that you will be doing. You will need a compass for underwater navigation. If you do a night dive, you will need flash lights. A lift bag comes in handy if you are doing a search and recovery dive. There are over 15 types of adventure dives to choose from and they all use different types of gear.

Costs: Info coming soon.

What's Next: As your interests in scuba diving increase, you may choose to take a Specialty course. This leads you on your way to becoming a Master Scuba Diver. Many AOW divers decide to take the Rescue Diver course to change the focus from themselves to those around them. The Rescue Diver Course is also a prerequisite to be a Master Scuba Diver or a Divemaster.

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